Friday, November 10, 2006

Argh! Terrorists strike again!

I am travelling on an international flight exactly one week from today.

I have just discovered that I'm not allowed to take my knitting in my carry-on baggage. (well, I can take the knitting, just sans needles. Which won't do me any good.)

I'm all for travel security... but knitting needles aren't that sharp. Really. Even my Addi's, which are my sharpest needles, are still blunt.

The funny thing is, the new restrictions on liquids don't really bother me. Once I found out I can take a small tub of butt cream for my daughter, that's all I need. (Actually, being as the butt cream I use on her is mostly beeswax, I may have a problem with that on the customs side. BUT at least they'll let me have it on the plane!) Heck, other than that, I don't normally take liquids in my carry-on baggage anyway, though I understand the lament about not allowing deodorant. (As an aside - it'd be a great marketing / business idea for some deodorant company to come along and sell trial size deo's on the plane or at the gate.... wonder if duty free carries any?)

But no knitting needles?? Not even my super dull, thick, bamboo needles? Think about it though... how much better knitting time could you get? It's relatively quiet, the inflight movies are hit-and-miss, you're stuck sitting down and don't usually want to be super social with people next to you. You don't need much light (for those like me who can't sleep but don't want to wake the person next to them by turning on the reading light) and it fits nicely in a lap, or in baggage. Oh come ON - what the hell else am I supposed to do for 12 hours? Certainly not read!