Friday, December 01, 2006

One begets another...

I've done a couple of quick projects whilst I've been on holiday - inspired largely by some really cool wool that I've managed to find at yarn shops over here :-D

A baby beanie knitted from rainbow merino wool, a modified version of the Lil' Devil Baby hat I'm planning on making myself one to match it, as I have 2.5 balls of the wool left! :D

IMG_3453.JPG Also a Triangular Shawl knitted from handspun / hand-dyed wool, "Manos del Uruguay" that I picked up at Fibers in Grass Valley . Knitted with two strands at once, size 15 needles. (First Addi Turbos, then changed to Denise needles) Completed in two days (rather intense days, however). I would have liked to have made it slightly larger, except that I ran out of wool. As it is, it's large enough to do the job.IMG_3454.JPG

IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3460.JPGAnd of course, I can't stop there! I've managed to pick up some other wools whilst here... I would like to knit them both up before leaving, but we'll see how that goes! I'm thinking of a poncho with the purple wool, and obviously socks (my first pair!) with the sock wool.