Saturday, September 16, 2006

No new projects....

.... so much for that resolve!

This is the start of the Wavy Scarf. Originally I wasn't going to start this until the Moss Stitch baby throw is finished. But I have alterior motives (which I'm keeping to myself for now) for trying to get this scarf started (and finished) so it's jumped the queue in my project list. I'm hoping it'll be a relatively quick and fascinating knit. (We'll see.)

I have, however, made progress from the last time I posted the blanket - I've added a whole 'nother skein of white yarn. I'm about to add the 5th of 6 skeins. It's progress even if it doesn't feel like it. Currently it's about 18 inches long - the pattern calls for it to be around 28 inches.

Friday, September 15, 2006

What Kind of Knitting Needle Are You?

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I have more ideas (and at the moment, more wool) than I have time for - and accumulating more by the minute, it seems!

Currently on the needles, I have only one thing going - my moss stitch baby blanket from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits book.
BlanketWIP02 I've been working on it, off and on, for nearly two months. During which time I gave birth to my baby (whom its for). And while it's an enjoyable knit - particularly because I'm a Norweigan purler, so I don't need to move my yarn constantly for the moss stitch - it's long. And unchanging. Intarsia is also new to me but I'm managing all right - except for the time I wrapped the yarn around the work instead of around the other yarn, and had to unravel two full rows, at 133 stitches each. Ouch.

But while working on that, I've started to work on other projects. I've completed two beanies - a baby one for my daughter, and an adult sized one for my sister in law. And I'm finding more and more projects, and the wool to complete them with, all the time.

Currently, I have lined up:
  • Moss Stitch Baby Blanket for my daughter (in progress, above)
  • Moss Stitch Baby Blanket for a friend of mine
  • Flirty Skirty diaper cover for my daughter
  • Flirty Skirty diaper cover a Secret Santa gift to my Santee on The Nappy Network
  • Longies for my daughter
  • Wavy scarf for my midwife
  • Punk-knitters soaker (diaper cover) for my daughter
  • Afghan for my mother (making it up as I go along)
And that's just the stuff I already have the yarn for.

Today my last (I promise!) addition to my stash arrived - Utiku Varigated yarn from The Wool Company. It's gorgeous. I love it. 100% pure NZ merino wool. Utiku Varigated Yarn The scarf for my midwife will be in the Chocolate Swirl colour - on the left. And I'm really really itching to start it. And may just give in..... !
Other colours are Mixed Berry (for diaper covers) and Gems (for longies and diaper covers and possibly a pullover sweater for my daughter, if I have enough.)

Now, if only I had more time!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Casting on

Everything in this world has a beginning, a middle, and end. In knitting we call the beginning "casting on", and thus this is the cast on for my knitting blog.

I'd been toying with the idea of a knitting blog for a few months now. Why? I've been regularly reading other, excellent, entertaining and inspirational knitting blogs and had delusions of granduer. And I think too much about knitting so might as well spread the obsession. And at the same time go public about how much of a knit-wit I am. :-)

In fact, I reckon this blog would have been started far earlier if it wasn't for the lack of a title. I wanted something cute, descriptive, suiting my personality, and yet not too formal. I didn't want anything that smacked of committment, or anything that might group me with true knitting nanas. I had a lot of great title ideas. I thought of being a Knit Wit, but it was taken. As was the title of Yarn Harlot. Alterknitively in a knitting boutique in my area and I didn't want to step on their toes, but didn't have many other Purls of Wisdom.

So I gave up on the idea of using a cute, punny name, as apparently they're all taken. Or at least coming up with an available one required far too much brainpower than I have. So, maybe partially as a tribute to my efforts, I came up with Knit Spastic.

No, it's not a cute catch phrase, but maybe it will be when my funky knitting and sparkling wit rocket me to knitting fame. But it does quite succinctly capture the essence of my knitting. I knit in fits and bursts. I hop (albeit guiltily) from one project to another. I compulsively buy yarn faster than I used to compusively buy books. I'm both a social knitter and a closet knitter and I can bore anyone with hours on end of knitter natter.

So, without further ado....