Friday, November 21, 2008

It's finished...

The Venus top is done.

Venus Envy

I have mixed emotions about it.

a) I'm thrilled to be done with it, I'd originally intended this to be finished a couple weeks ago but what with exams and life it just got put on hold (with all other knitting and sewing projects)

b) I'm really wishing I'd done the Large instead of the 1X size. I think it would look better with more negative ease. I originally planned to make the large, but my gauge swatch came out too small, so I figured I'd size up since using larger needles resulted in too loose a fabric... it would have left nothing to the imagination. Which wasn't quite my intention.

c) I think part of my feelings with this is coloured by the photos of me in it - somehow I hadn't realised I'm that big. But, meh, oh well.

I had a couple minor issues with the pattern.... but they were minor in the run of things... certainly didn't really effect my knitting of it.

Venus Envy


sweetp said...

I love the neck line, both the shell bit on the front and the way it folds over at the back. Very pretty.
I think you chose a really flattering colour too , and to me it looks like a lovely wearable summer top.

Kelly said...

I too think the colour is lovely on you. You whipped that up pretty quickly hun - well done!

Princess LadyBug said...

I think it looks fab on you. :) Well done!

Sharonnz said...

You look great, you hot mama you!