Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Murphy's Muses

Quote from the Nov 16th post of The Yarn Harlot:
Luckily, the yarn was cheap, and the knitting is fast, and I think that increases my chances. The muses are buddies with Murphy, and the more time and money you spent, the more you attract their decidedly cruel sense of humour. Maybe if I knit faster...they won't see me go by?

This is the story of my Rosebud sweater. I was inspired to do the sweater, largely, simply because I could. Rather, I wanted to have knit a sweater because I kind of felt like a fraud calling myself a knitter - indeed, even thinking myself reasonably advanced - and not having ever made myself (or any other adult) a sweater. Plus, I continually browse Knitty and am continually inspired, and never do anything about it. Oh, and I'd fallen in love with a particular yarn, and knitting a sweater is about as close to marriage to a yarn as you can get. Plus it's a good excuse to completely blow the yarn budget. ("But honey.... it's for the sweater!")

My original goal with the sweater was to have it finished in time to wear it for the late autumn / early winter season that I would be in whilst visiting California this year. I left on the 18th of November. At that point, I had the body of the sweater completely finished. I had one sleeve finished, and the other sleeve was started. Simple, I thought. I'd finish it while there. Something to look forward to and keep me busy at the same time.

While over there, I ran out of yarn.

Probably this is my fault. The pattern originally called for 11 balls of yarn for the size I was doing. But I'd been playing it by ear and thought that each sleeve shouldn't take more than a ball and a half to do. I'd make it. I knew I wouldn't have much to spare... but certainly I'd make it.

I didn't make it.

Rosebud - Sleeves - WIP

I had a few choice words to say about it. But I got over it. All this meant, would be that I'd finish the sweater at home, after buying a final ball of yarn. I probably wouldn't wear it until late March, after giving birth to Meep, but as the pattern was based on a maternity sweater and I'd added a little length besides, it'd be a fantastic post-natal sweater. Plus the seasons should be changing right around the time I give birth. Perfect.

So I packed it diligently away in my suitcase for proper care when home. Along with a good other number of things... including a ton of scrummy new wool, my brand new shiny Knit Picks Options set as well as some Harmony double pointed needles, and the couple projects I'd brought with me (some now completed, some still in progress).

And then Air New Zealand lost my bag. Not all bags, mind you, but just the one with all my knitting gear in it. Including the sleeves of the Rosebud sweater. Air New Zealand assures me that they're "tracing" it, but at this point it's been nearly a week and I'm not holding my breath.

The irony is, the body of the Rosebud sweater was packed in the other suitcase. Which made it home to me without any problems.

So for now, at least, I present...

The Rosebud tank.


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