Saturday, December 15, 2007

Quick Knits and Spare Time

No, I still don't have my needles - my original needles - back yet, as the suitcase is still missing and now Air New Zealand have no interest in knowing me.

BUT thanks to the lovely expedited and personal service from Green Beans I have some 4.5mm 30cm and 40cm circular Addi Turbo needles, so I can knit my standard longies / soakers. These are actually slightly different than what I usually use - which is 4.0mm - but I figured, since I didn't have this set yet, if my original needles ever turn up, bonus! and I'll have the extra set.

I've been so glad to get the needles that I've already put them straight to work.

First with the Forest Longies - knitted as part of a swap with a friend for Secret Santa gifts. They're done in the The Wool Company Utiku Multi-dyed "Forest" colourway - which seems to be fairly unique to their retail shop (as opposed to the website). They're a size medium, for a 6 month old boy.
Forest Pants
The Forest longies were started on Thursday morning (in a bout of insomnia) and finished while watching the Friday evening news the next day. So quite a quick knit - but I'm pleased with them! Do really like the way the pooling's worked out in these.

Secondly, some newborn sized longies in Cleckheaton Vintage Hues for Meep, courtesy of World of Warcraft. This morning I started to download the Burning Crusade expansion pack (trial version). In the time I was waiting, I cast on the pants. Approximately 3.5 hours later, I'd finished the bum-portion of the longies, and the download finished, and I ran the installer. Then ran the program. But now I have a major patch to download. So I went back to the longies. I did both legs, the weaving in of ends, and the kitchener stitch at the crotch. Took a photo, uploaded it, put it on Ravelry. And now wrote the blog.
Meep Vintage Hues Longies

The patch download is now at 63%. Perhaps I should work on another pair while waiting!


Kristin said...

these really look great!! :) i cant believe how fast they went for you!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Wow! Gorgy stuff. Inspires me to get back on with my longies.

jussi said...

jeepers Margo I hope Air NZ comes through soon - keep us updated.