Sunday, May 31, 2009

At long last


My wide-leg longies pattern is nearly ready to be released.

But, before it can be, I need some pattern testers and a name for the pattern!

Thus, I reckon it's time for a little competition. Submit pattern name ideas via the comments section (make sure to either link your blog, Ravelry name, or leave an email address) and the winning entry will receive 100g of hand-dyed 8-ply (DK weight) yarn - perfect to do the longies in! (but no obligation to actually do so). International entries welcome.

Entries close 5pm Friday, June 5, 2009 New Zealand time.



Lynn said...

I would love to test if you still need someone.

Lynn(Lnupermom on RAV)

clpp65 AT gmail DOT come

Joanne Foot said...

Margo's Easy-Fit Longies (EFL)

TNN Joanne :)

... I'll come back with more later.

Rachel said...

look great,

licorish (sp) allsort Longies

(thats wht the 2nd pair remind me of,

Karmiec said...

Midnight Knit Longies
Witching Hour Longies

Something to do with being easy to knit even when you're half alseep.

or... Sleepy Sheep Longies ... or Speedy Sheep Longies...(SSL sounds like a knitting term)

Casper said...

Wonder Pants

Joanne Foot said...

More from me....

"Angel Pants"

"Margo's Tie Top, Wide Legged, Circular Knit, Longies"
Yes, it's meant to be a bit long-winded! Along the lines of different items in Willie Wonka's Chocolate factory. Thought of trying to find an acronym to fit the MTTWLCKL, but couldn't. :)

TNN Joanne

Princess LadyBug said...

I like the name you gave your post. "At Long Last" but that's just me. I like obscure jokes like that. And a bonus for you if I win is that you get to keep the yarn. :P

j-j said...

Hmmm - will have a think - this closes tomorrow?

How about:
winter legs
easy peasy pants
hot pants ;)

I'm going to keep thinking. I do like Wonderpants though, quite fitting and reminds me of a Paul Jennings story too.

Jo's Place said...

I like At Long Last as well, or Wideload :)

dodgums said...

The At Long Last Wide Legged Longies Pattern

Or My At Long Last Wide legged Longies Pattern

Alison Daines said...

I am hopeless at this but you've got to be in to have a chance right ;-)

Toasty tush (sp) Longies
Snuggly Pants

Can you tell I think they look comfy :-)

TNN Tentacles

j-j said...

Just thought of lazy longies or lazy day longies (ie, good for a lazy day around home, or a lazy day knitting ;) )

Alison Daines said...

Given the options:
Pick'n'mix longies?