Saturday, September 16, 2006

No new projects....

.... so much for that resolve!

This is the start of the Wavy Scarf. Originally I wasn't going to start this until the Moss Stitch baby throw is finished. But I have alterior motives (which I'm keeping to myself for now) for trying to get this scarf started (and finished) so it's jumped the queue in my project list. I'm hoping it'll be a relatively quick and fascinating knit. (We'll see.)

I have, however, made progress from the last time I posted the blanket - I've added a whole 'nother skein of white yarn. I'm about to add the 5th of 6 skeins. It's progress even if it doesn't feel like it. Currently it's about 18 inches long - the pattern calls for it to be around 28 inches.


MrsFife said...

Came over from Flickr after seeing your pic of the baby blanket. I'm knitting a baby blanket now and it's supposed to be 36" big. I'm at the widest part currently and it feels neverending. So what I was wondering was, with a real live (cute) baby at hand, what do you think is a good size for a baby blanket? Thanks!

Margo said...

Really, it all depends on what the purpose of the blanket is for. The one I knitted measures at 28" inches (before blocking at least, tho I've heard that moss stitch expands with blocking) and I wouldn't want it any smaller than it is. My blanket's just meant to be a throw, so I don't need it to be too huge.

However, if it's meant to go on a bed at all - be it bassinet, cot or single bed - you'd defnitely need it bigger, I'd say at least 36" for bassinet size and larger for cot (and that will mostly depend on the cot measurements) Similarly, if you mean for the blanket to double as a swaddle wrap 36" square is the smallest I'd do.